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Millwright & Ironworking Services

After almost 90 years in the ICI construction industry, Sutherland-Schultz knows how to increase the longevity of our customers’ assets – top quality equipment installations and maintenance. Process equipment runs at its highest levels of capacity and reliability through the precision alignment, load capacities, and equipment matching performed by our certified, skilled millwrights and ironworkers. With our long-term maintenance services included, customers are assured their equipment is running effectively and efficiently, a preventive step to avoiding costly unexpected performance issues.

Our millwrighting and ironworking capabilities include:

•  Certified Millwrights and Ironworkers
•  Laser and Optical Alignment and Precision Leveling 
•  Safety Upgrades
•  In-Plant Preventative Maintenance 
•  Maintenance Coverage
•  Machinery Moving and Equipment Installation 
•  Machinery Rebuilding
•  New Plant Construction, Renovation and Expansion 
•  Turnkey Plant Relocations
•  Plant Shutdown Project/Maintenance Support 
•  Press Work
•  Skilled Process Machinery and Equipment Installations
• Motor Service and Repairs
• Equipment Removals and Demolition